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Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner: A tale of curated dinner

Like Alice, she went rolling down in Wonderland. Only there was no Red Queen waiting to chop her head off. But, a Mad Hatter, yes. Like each time, he was at the head of the table. Only this time, he was orchestrating an elaborate six course meal. You see he had been told to keep it short. If he had his way he would have laid out an eight or even 10 course spread. Accompanied by the finest of wines, each of courses was served in tableware especially put together from the best of the places in the world, plated the finest — so beautiful that the guests at the table wondered if he had an artist to paint for him behind the scenes. And then, he ushered in the courses. Like a performance, words rolled out of his mouth, his deep voice transported everyone at the table to the world he was talking about. The world of literary classics – of Sylvia Plath, Herman Melville, Virginia Woolf, John Fante, Nicole Mones and James Joyce…

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Bikaner: Kingdom of a rebel prince

“Did you know, there exists no Bikanerwala in Bikaner!” A true blue Punjabi relative had shared with me in amazement after she returned from a business trip to this city of Rajasthan some time back....

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