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Fashion forward: Celebrating spring in style


You can expect magic when two very talented and creative minds come together. This is exactly what describes the latest collaboration between Textile Revivalist and Designer Vidhi Singhania and Jewellery Designer Sunita Shekhawat who came together to usher in Spring-Summer with their renditions of handwoven textiles and Kundan Meenakari jewellery at Sunita Shekhawat’s atelier in Delhi.

Sunita Shekhawat and Vidhi Singhania

The two Design houses put together a beautifully curated event that drew inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional designs and craft from Rajasthan. While Vidhi brought in stunning Kota and Banarasi weaves in silk with intricate detailing in embroideries and foil stamping, Sunita matched the opulence with elaborately hand crafted jewels celebrating the traditional karigari in polka and enamel work, reimagining the deigns worn by the erstwhile royals.

“Rajasthan is so rich in craft and culture . The collaboration was meant to bring about the synergy of Rajasthan, since both of us have our roots in the state,” said Sunita, talking about thought behind the collaboration. “Most important, we realised that we have similar sensibilities and we related a lot in terms of how to convert designs into product.”

Agreed Vidhi. “There is an unspoken synergy. This is my first ever collaboration, as in the past, I have preferred to work out of my store. But, I am happy to be here because I relate to her work and aesthetics very strongly.”

Beautiful pieces from Padmapriya Collection by Sunita Shekhawat

So what the guests got to see was a lovely marriage between textiles and jewellery. Even the colour palette complemented the other in vibrancy and hue. Elaborate designs in pink and green enamel work, richly studded with polka and precious gems were the highlights of Sunita Shekhawat’s rich repertoire.

“When you think of Basant, green is the colour that instantly comes to your mind. We have played with the shade of green and even experimented with tone on tone in some of our designs. At other times we have played the colour against fuchsia and red to bring out contanst,” shared Sunita.

For someone who comes from Rajput Royal family, Sunita is known to create pieces that are minimal in aesthetics and yet illustrative in quality. While her inspiration remains rooted in tradition, she is loves to play with unusual colour tones and specialises in creating very detailed reversible pieces that can be worn by different generations.

Vidhi with her daughters in law, Sana and Sonam Singhania

Vidhi, on the other hand, has her background in an illustrious industrialist family and has worked very closely with the master weavers to revive a dying craft, infusing a fresh lease of life with design and product innovations. Known to put together a complete look, detailing is as much important to her as is the quality of the material.  Now, supported by her two equally talented daughters in law, Sonam and Sana, she is steadily spreading her base and scope of work.

Speaking about her capsule collection at this store, she shared: “Basant for me heralds freshness. I have emphasised a lot in lightness and freshness of Kota weave and brought in a lot of pastel colours. So what you see here is a lot of peach, lemon, softness of pink, lime greens, very soft aqua, turquoise. In short, everything that brings the freshness of spring to me.”

Among the collection, she also showcased Kota weaves in metallic hues such as gold and bronze with elaborate borders and embroideries inspired by Paithanis to cater to more formal occasions.

By the time the day closed, this ‘by invitation’ event was actually a sellout — a sign that the patrons would love to see more such collaborations. Hope to see another one soon.


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