Five reasons I would go back to Andaz Delhi spa

The spa therapist’s fingers worked deftly on my knotted back, pressure just right as they gently coaxed the tough tension lumps gripping my upper back to loosen up. I could feel a stab of discomfort shoot through my shoulder blades and then relief as muscles gave in and relaxed under studied pressure. Long hours of desk job often cause stress to sit on one’s shoulders that are anyway burdened by the weight of deadlines and responsibility. How I needed this spa!

Completely refreshed and relaxed to the core of my soul, an hour later, as I sat sipping on hot herbal tea at the beautiful spa lounge of Andaz Delhi, I knew I was coming back for more and let me tell you why:

1. The ambience:

Andaz Delhi Spa Rooms

Clean rooms with aesthetics in place add to the spa experience

Calm, happy and welcoming faces are your first indication of the energy givers when visiting a spa. A certain ease about my therapists has often acted as an indicator to what my therapy session is going to be like. Andaz Spa scores an instant tick for that.

I was greeted by a very quiet and reassuring therapist who took me through the space and the rituals, allowing me to choose without hurry and too much prompting. A look around at the spa, it was relaxing to note the place around me was not designed to inspire awe and was much above being plain functional.

The Spa offers 6 treatment rooms, including one couple treatment room with changing rooms, private rain showers. I was particularly impressed by the attention to little details in the spa rooms. Everything is neatly enclosed just as it would be in your room. And yes, no open taps! Discreet is the mantra.

2. Chakra therapy:

Andaz Delhi Spa Chakra Therapy

Choose your Chakra

How about your intuition to guide you on the therapy that your body needs? At Andaz Spa, they let your aura and physiology guide you on what journey you should choose. Based on Chakras, each of these journeys has been built to address the individual requirement.

I too was asked to pick a stone with chakra ascribed to it. Call it coincidence or my instinct guiding the choice, I picked the heart chakra that indicates the therapist concentrates on my upper torso. Did I tell you about my knotted back earlier?

Incidentally, that is not all that the therapist relies on. With chakra as an indicator, the therapist also encourages you to share your problem zone, so befitting therapy be chosen and accordingly ingredients and essentials to go with that. Based on our discussion, my therapist guided me to go for a Balinese massage that studiously kneads out any stress knots.

3. Signature blends:

Andaz Delhi Spa Ma Earth Botanicals Products

The Spa uses products by Ma Earth Botanicals that are signature to the brand

Everything that is used in Andaz Spa is organic and promises of healing properties. Andaz as a brand believes in careful sourcing from the surrounds and supports sustainable environs. In keeping with that the Spa uses products by Ma Earth Botanicals that are signature to the brand only.

Its Apothecary blending bar is where you can create your own signature experiences combining seasonal fruits, herbs, minerals and essential oils depending on the therapy you choose to balance your body and mind. The oil blends, fragrances and all things going into the spa have been carefully curated and sourced keeping in mind the requirements of a well travelled and urban guest profile.

To give you a cue, you can choose from Detoxifying, Wellness, Traveller’s Fatigue and Relaxing oil blends for your massage. And based on your requirement, your therapists can also blend these oils to create a mixture that would bring you maximum relief. And that is how customized it can get. I chose a blend of Detoxifying and Traveller’s Fatigue to combat my recent travel stress and indulgences!

4. Personalised luxury:

chauffeur Andaz Delhi Spa

Meet the chauffeur. So Delhi in Andaz!

When in Andaz you can expect things to be refreshingly different and personlised to suit the guests’ needs. The global brand philosophy imbibes the flavours of its location city and is kind of hatke, but one that would leave an indelible mark.

From the chauffeur (dressed in a bright blue tee with Andaz hashtags embroidered subtly at the back) who came to pick me up in a customised and a very funkily upholstered red Ambassador car, that is so, so Delhi in character to the guest relations officer dressed as informally in smart sneakers to a spa manager who looked happy and welcoming, the hotel is all about making you feel at home. Just as you would in your hometown or city.

Stunning art installations dot the property and even their rooms, turning it into a creative gallery that is evocative in its narration. Inspirations drawn from the city reflect the unique culture of Delhi.

And just so you don’t mistake the easy demeanour for too much familiarity, the staff at the property is unintrusive and at the same time welcoming in their approach. Clean lines speak of understated luxury that Andaz as a brand brings with it. Be expected to be guided and yet only as much as you seek.

5. Holistic health:

Andaz Delhi Spa blending bar

Apothecary blending bar is where you can create your own signature experiences

Andaz Spa does not look at therapies in isolation. Here, people believe in providing holistic health, even if that means curating a health food menu or even suggesting you tea to sip on post your therapy.

Spa lounge, Sauna, steam rooms, pool or even wellness centre has been so designed to entice the guest back. From Yoga and fitness programmes to eating a healthy salad made from fresh microgreens, the focus at Andaz Spa is to create a well balanced module that a guest can carry back.

And while you can get your salad at the spa, I would recommend you do stop by at Annamaya, the modern European food hall at the hotel that has been inspired by Indian colours and flavours. Want to know more about it? Watch this space!

The address: ANDAZ DELHI, Aerocity, New Delhi, India, 110037
For reservations, contact: +91 11 49031234 or






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