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Te Aroha, Uttarakhand: Treasure Trove in the Hills



Te Aroha, Dhanchuli

There is something very cheerful about the colour yellow. Mustard fields, sunflowers, brilliant sunshine and gold – the very thought evokes a riot of imagery about the colour. So imagine a yellow tin roof building amidst a thick lush of green that surrounds a pine and oak forest against a clear backdrop of the Himalayan ranges. It’s pure soul bliss. And especially to a city dweller like me who is constantly on a lookout of a reason to escape the concrete grey that is forever threatening to consume humankind jostling to find some space.


Maihar, Madhya Pradesh: Creative Pitstop

“And I wondered, with mounting anxiety, What am I supposed to do here? What am I supposed to think?”  ― Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel I shifted my attention from the lush green and yellow...


Beginner’s Luck

“Pick a number between 0 and 36,” she said, turning to me abruptly, breaking into my reverie.  Aboard the gaming paradise, Deltin Royale, off the Goan shores in River Mandovi, I had just about joined...

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