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Superfoods treat at Café Delhi Heights

As the health world takes to Superfoods to avail dietary benefits, few are really aware what these foods comprise of and what benefits do they accrue. At a recent event, it was an eye opener to learn about these magical Superfoods and even better sample how these could possibly fit into our food plan.

This event was led by a very well known nutritionist from Delhi, Kavita Devgan, who not only informed the gathering about the health benefits of Superfoods but has also designed a special menu along with chef Ashish Singh of Café Delhi Heights to show how Superfoods can be a part of our diet effortlessly and in an interesting fashion.

Kavita Devgan speaks about Superfoods at CDH

“We were eating Superfoods unwittingly earlier too as they were a seamless part of our traditional diets. Today, though we are moving away from our traditional thali, we are missing out on the benefits of our traditional Superfoods. The Superfoods Festival at Cafe Delhi Heights is an attempt to familiarise people and to get them to begin eating more of these foods that are good for them.”

So what really are Superfoods? To answer, she explained that Superfoods are foods that deliver concentrated – extra-large doses of vitamins and minerals – nutrients that are good for us. “Any Superfood worth the label is a rich source of phytonutrients (healthy chemical compounds that exist in plants), which help build immunity, extend life and prevent diseases from happening. Some improve regenerative capacity of our brain and others cut down inflammation,” she said.

On the menu: Brown Rice Biryani with Flax seeds

For example she quoted properties of some of the foods that we traditionally consume, unaware of their loaded benefits. “Oats contain beta-glucans, a substance proven to lower cholesterol; Garlic contains allicin, which can help immunity; Pomegranate is a storehouse of ellagitannins (ellagic acid), which have known anti-cancer properties and omega 3 in salmon and the vitamin E in walnuts is in a form (gamma-tocopherol) that is very heart protective. In short, the richness of the nutrients in a food and the number of different nutrients help us to figure out if the food is super or not,” she said.

For someone who advocates that guide to being healthy and maintain ideal bodyweight lies in balanced meals packed with nutrition, she has actually demonstrated how it can be done in real life by joining hands with a mass brand, the most likely space to promote health food. “True a café is not seen as a place where you can make success by selling healthy meal. And then, when I sat down with Delhi Café Height’s chef Ashish and owner Vikrant Batra, we thought why not?” she shared.

Nutritionist Kavita Devgan and Owner of CDH, Vikrant Batra promote the event

A beautiful menu with some interesting options came about, which the Café has put out as a special and exclusive promotion at its Sangam Courtyard outlet in R.K Puram, Delhi. To name a few dishes on this Special Menu, you have Miso soup with sea weeds (rich in protein); Brown Rice Biryani with Flax Seed Raita (this one comes packed with complex carbs, protein, fibre and omega 3); Quinoa Encrusted Salmon (get your fix of protein and antioxidants with this); Masala Sattu with Coconut Water and Sabja Lemonade (this one keeps constipation away!)

“To bust a common myth, you can’t compensate for a bad diet by eating one super food a day. Like an entire medium pizza and then a sabja (basil seeds) lemonade. It doesn’t work like that. You need to learn to pick these foods up over other nutritionally vacant foods and make them an intrinsic part of your diet,” she told the audience. “Also, you can’t focus on just one or two superfoods and forget about others. No one food provides everything for everybody. Variety is the key as all foods deliver different benefits. The sum of what you eat is more important than any individual food,” she shared.

Between food and conversations, the guests also got to carry back tips on how to maximize the learning and putting it into practice. “It helps to combine two – three Superfoods together to multiply the benefits,” guided this author of bestseller ‘Don’t Diet!’.  “For example sattu with coconut water makes the drink more potent. Along with high quality protein from sattu, you get extra electrolytes and super hydration from coconut water. Similarly a sweet potato mash with grilled salmon makes a great combination too,” she shared.

Speaking about the association, Owner of Café Delhi Heights, Vikrant Batra, said the menu was generating a very good response for the Café. “The idea has been to give everyone a taste of good health. Generally a cheat meal for most of us would be an outing to our favourite restaurant but at Cafe Delhi Heights everyday can be a cheat day with our superfood menu,” he said.

So if you happen to be in Delhi, we suggest you try the tempting Superfoods delicacies at Delhi Height Café for yourself. And on that note, we leave you with a recipe of delicious Miso soup with Sea weeds. Do try it out for yourself.


Miso soup with sea weeds


Miso paste-20gm

Sea Weeds-4gm

Kikoman Soy-15ml

Beans Sprout-20gm


Spring onion-5gm

Wakame -5gm


Pepper-5 gm


Take a pan, add stock / water to it and boil. Add miso paste and soy sauce.

Stir until there are no lumps in the mixture.

Add beans sprout, paneer and spring onion. Season the soup with salt and pepper.

Pour the soup in a bowl and garnish with Wakame and sea weed. Serve hot.

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